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You don’t look 1981.

The following was intended to be blogged, but at the time I had no blog. The related pictures have been viewed more than any of my other, better pictures. But linked to it, so what can you do?

September 21, 2005

I was walking to my train stop at Duboce Park this morning when a woman patrolling the entrance stopped me. “I can’t let you walk through the park.” Why not? “We’re filming a movie. It’s set in 1981. And you don’t look 1981.” So that’s it then.

I never look 1981 enough, though I try and try.

For the last several weeks, I thought San Francisco Muni was building a nice, new stop at Duboce Park, where I get on the train to work. But they built it very quickly, which is not the municipal way. And it had expensive-looking, polished granite exteriors, when we all expect plastic. And it had escalators going underground, which doesn’t make any sense, since it’s an above-ground stop. Then they put up the BART sign.

So if you’re familiar with the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) system you know there is no high-speed electric train line that goes to Duboce Park.

My sources on the street (seriously) said there would be filming today, so I brought my camera. I was late for work, but it was interesting to watch. We don’t get a lot of Hollywood action like Southern California. The movie is called “Pursuit of Happyness.” The scene they were filming showed Will Smith running away from a cab, escaping into Duboce Park. Pictures are of varying quality–some second unit director or something wouldn’t let me get any closer. As usual, I didn’t pass for a Teamster, many of whom are to be seen lounging at stage right.

Hey, it’s Will Smith! Sure, you can click on that photo.
It just means Will will maintain his most-viewed domination.
Help Will crush Su Lin in the rankings, who, like China, is on the ascendant!
There can’t be more Best Actor Oscar winners in the wild than giant pandas, right? So which is really the endangered species?


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