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Laforet Does the Tilt-Shift Thing

If you thought tilting and shifting a lens was only for fancy architecture and design magazines, well, my friend, you would be wrong. At the end of May, the Times put together an audio slideshow featuring sporting events shot by Vincent Laforet using a tilt-shift lens.

The presentation has been making the rounds, but it doesn’t seem to have generated the online buzz that it might have a year ago, when everyone was blogging about the technique. The effect, still, is pretty cool–an example below.


One thought on “Laforet Does the Tilt-Shift Thing

  1. Robert Lewis says:

    So I’m leaving a comment on your blog as a response to your comment on my blog, which I’m pretty sure is not the way blog communication is supposed to work, but in any case, and in no way related to your post, yes, yes I have seen “Arrested Development”, best show on TV before they canceled it.

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