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It’s a Mad World

As is customary when wasting any significant amount of time on YouTube, I stumbled across a cute enough little animation about an ambitious, yearning kiwi. And then another version of the same cartoon, this time with the Gary Jules/Michael Andrew song “Mad World” dubbed on top. It all seemed suitably angst-ridden. Kiwi and other videos, plus attempted exegesis, after the jump.

“Mad World” seems to have become popular with the YouTube set. Maybe that has something to do with its use in the “trailer” for the Gears of War video game a little while back, the one that is supposed to have been directed by David Fincher, who directed Fight Club and Se7en.In any case, it’s been adapted to accompany a Japanese street dancer and several cuts of the Naruto anime series.

Although the song was part of the soundtrack to the 2001 movie Donnie Darko, it became popular in its own right, according to the Wikipedia article devoted to it. Further, it’s actually a remake of the poppier and new wavier original by Tears for Fears, who may be better known for their perpetually popular “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.

In comparison, the updated version’s music video is much easier on the eyes and has far less puzzling choreography.

By some coincidence, I also watched a few clips from the old Phil Silvers Show on YouTube. Silvers was part of the cast of the 1963 movie It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, in which a bunch of strangers race to get their hands on a lot of stolen money. The opening credits are online, as well as a few clips.

As for the kiwi, it was awarded “Most Adorable” in the YouTube Awards earlier this year. The New York Times‘s Virginia Heffernan called it “sweet but dull.”


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