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The Shanzhai Huaxiangji Question

An unusual video showed up on the Ifgogo blog that’s created a ripple on the internet over the last few days. It’s a video of a Chinese farmer piloting a flying machine that he is supposed to have built on his own. The shanzhai huaxiangji, or little mountain village glider, if the translation’s any good (山寨 滑翔机), has sparked some debate as to its veracity. Here’s the video that YouTube commenters claim is a fake:

Fair enough. It’s hard to know based on the perspective; and I didn’t watch closely enough to tell if there was much inconsistency between the pilot’s bumpy ride and the background. But Ifgogo blogger Aw Guo has updated his post to include more video to back up the story. The YouTube video is helpfully titled “I don’t think the farmer-made plane is fake.”


2 thoughts on “The Shanzhai Huaxiangji Question

  1. Joe Airplane says:

    it looks like a poor made gyrocopter. there is nothing new about this. I’m sure he found the plans on the internet. If you are willing to put your life on the line you to can make an aircraft and take flight for sever dollars. not many, however your safety is a function of how many dollars you sink into it.

  2. ANANDHARAJ says:

    The first and the second videos are shot at different ocassions since the dress of the pilot differs. The flying thing (?) in the first video looks very crude and raw whereas the gyro in the second video has a better finish. Anyway, the blogger has to come out with a better video with more profile to believe the authenticity of the first video. But it is possible for the chinese to build low cost flying machine as they do with other products.

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