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Golden Gate, Inc = Bollywood in Bay Area

Exterior shot of movie set in San Jose. 

Bollywood production with big Bollywood star comes to the Bay Area, and they wouldn’t let me take any photos. That’s the view toward their San Jose set yesterday. The city hall rotunda in San Jose was “Golden Gate, Inc.,” hence the sign outside. It is apparently also called “Golden Gate Engineering,” if the signs inside the rotunda were any indication. The discontinuity nerds will like that.

There’s nothing like a 600-word story with a three-person byline. But that’s what we got in the San Jose Mercury News today

Apparently, it is a bridge engineering firm. Hence the banners with the bridges in the windows of the rotunda, (barely) visible below.

 rotunda close-up with bridge banners


3 thoughts on “Golden Gate, Inc = Bollywood in Bay Area

  1. Jeremy says:

    Wow, nice place. I hate that there are always rule about photos. Why do you think that is? The publicity should be good for them.

  2. Exactly. We tried to tell them that. But I think the more we mentioned this, the more coy they became. It works with the Indian press. You can read Indian stories that completely play into the mystique they’re trying to build. But it was mostly just annoying.

    I probably could have taken pictures if the Merc didn’t want to send a photographer (another one also tried to come along for the ride) and was so insistent about getting the production’s shooting schedule. This really spooked the producers, which apparently led to the ban on photography. If not for this, if we hadn’t asked, we were pretty convinced that I could have photographed freely. Just like every single crew member was.

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