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Mapping Photos using GeoRSS

As I was finishing up my earlier post on the geotagging tutorial, Pankaj Garg of ZeeMaps sent me an e-mail. We had previously been in touch about the possibility of using a GeoRSS feed to map photos in ZeeMaps.

GeoRSS is exactly what it sounds like, an RSS feed for geo-encoded information. More people have GeoRSS feeds than they realize— Flickr assigns each user a GeoRSS—although most of those feeds are probably empty since geotagging images is still not a habit for most people.

georss link on flickr page

Flickr enables GeoRSS only for each user’s primary photostream and for individual tags (as in the image above). I mapped the same photos as in the earlier post. The difference this time in the process is that I exported directly from HoudahGeo to Flickr (after enabling geocoded metadata in Flickr) and assigning a unique tag to all of the photos; in this case, I tagged them with the date. (I suspect sets are not available for GeoRSS because you can rearrange image order, unlike in the photostream or tag streams.) This skips the .csv steps in the original tutorial I wrote. But Flickr may limit the number of entries in the feed, limiting the number of datapoints that will go on the map.

As mentioned previously, the advantage of mapping these in something like ZeeMaps is the ease in customizing and embedding the map. While Flickr can map my geotagged photos, all I seem to be able to do with it is link to the map. Here’s the rough workflow I used:

1. Copy the GeoRSS link from the 2008december4 tag page.

2. Create a new map in ZeeMaps and choose “KML, GeoRSS Add” from the Advanced menu:
menu item to add georss link

3. Paste in the GeoRSS link:
pasted georss link

The resulting map:


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