animals, competition, photography

It appears that I need to shoot more baby animals.

Despite my best efforts, people really just want to see photographs of furry, fuzzy baby animals.

Sure, I could take a decent San Francisco picture,

or one of some people on the street,

or careless boaters with a tangled anchor,

or flying octopi.

But I woke up this Thursday morning to find that 25 people viewed the photo of a baby panda I uploaded the night before, and I didn’t even have to do anything to get them there. They just showed up. (As of this writing, it’s up to 111.)

I’m no Flickr celebrity like Thomas Hawk (whom Fleshbot and the NY Times have mentioned), so I consider myself lucky when 5 or 6 people look at a photo after I’ve told them about it or shared it on groups.

But one has to admit that Su Lin is cute, and fun to watch.

Maybe she’ll overtake Will Smith (king at 246 views as of this writing) in the top spot of Most Viewed Photo. Click on her picture to help. Could be good.