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The Sweets Seller

We stopped at a little shop fronted by a display case full of sweets to pick up some snacks before dinner. This was on Chandni Chowk, across from the Red Fort, in Delhi. We settled on 20 rupees for the confections. As he handed them over and we gave him some cash, he said, “Thirty,” and gave us change accordingly. Then he sat back in his fluorescent-lit shop and stared at us hoping we’d go away without any fuss. Fine.

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Everyone Loves a Parade

A band pauses during a parade held during a Sikh holiday.

I’ve run into parades by chance in several places, including a Shriners parade in New Hampshire, a children’s parade through Quepos, Costa Rica, and the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in New York City. In the picture above, a band pauses during a parade in New Delhi, held as part of the events observing the birthday of Guru Gobind Singh last January.

These aren’t the first musicians I’ve featured on this site, though probably the first marching band. A couple of years ago, I stumbled on a Chinese night market here in San Francisco. That’s where I saw this band. I’ve posted this photo before, but why not once more?

A band plays at a Chinatown night market in San Francisco.

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Golden Gate, Inc = Bollywood in Bay Area

Exterior shot of movie set in San Jose. 

Bollywood production with big Bollywood star comes to the Bay Area, and they wouldn’t let me take any photos. That’s the view toward their San Jose set yesterday. The city hall rotunda in San Jose was “Golden Gate, Inc.,” hence the sign outside. It is apparently also called “Golden Gate Engineering,” if the signs inside the rotunda were any indication. The discontinuity nerds will like that.

There’s nothing like a 600-word story with a three-person byline. But that’s what we got in the San Jose Mercury News today

Apparently, it is a bridge engineering firm. Hence the banners with the bridges in the windows of the rotunda, (barely) visible below.

 rotunda close-up with bridge banners

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Meanwhile, India Waits

Sorry for the delay on the India photos, for those who’ve been asking. I hope now that the FLW project is done (will believe it when I see it), will have time to take care of all the India, Shanxi, Liaoning stuff. As for the above picture, my understanding is that this building exists purely for the sake of symmetry.
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Return from India

This weekend I finally made it back from India, where I was ostensibly working on a couple of stories. “Greetings from India, Land of Complications,” I began to write in my e-mails, though those were infrequent, internet access being one of the complications. Still, the longer I was there, the more I liked it. I look forward to going back. Though I don’t look forward to the Delhi Airport.

Through some airline mishaps, my return trip took about 60 hours rather than the planned 22 hours. So now I’m jet-lagged and exhausted. That means I’m asleep when I should be awake and asleep when I should be asleep. So much for being productive.

Having trouble choosing which India photo I should include here.