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Everyone Loves a Parade

A band pauses during a parade held during a Sikh holiday.

I’ve run into parades by chance in several places, including a Shriners parade in New Hampshire, a children’s parade through Quepos, Costa Rica, and the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in New York City. In the picture above, a band pauses during a parade in New Delhi, held as part of the events observing the birthday of Guru Gobind Singh last January.

These aren’t the first musicians I’ve featured on this site, though probably the first marching band. A couple of years ago, I stumbled on a Chinese night market here in San Francisco. That’s where I saw this band. I’ve posted this photo before, but why not once more?

A band plays at a Chinatown night market in San Francisco.

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Flickr Scout; and, turning on AdSense?

John Watson portraitI don’t get around to messing with Flickr much beyond posting my photos and attempting to stir up some small amount of enthusiasm for them (there’s a lot of competition). I never used any of the Flickr Toys designed by the guy pictured at left, John Watson, aka “fd,” that everyone else on Flickr seems to love. But yesterday I finally caught up, and used an application he designed called Scout. Scout figures out which of your photos (or any other Flickr user’s photos) are in the top 500 most interesting on the day they were uploaded—a ranking that can change. Su Lin, of course, is up there (for now). And that one of the guy staring out at the Transamerica Pyramid. And then I have a couple which pop into the top 500 and then disappear, like a picture of Su Lin with her mother and the one of red petals in the spaces of a cobblestone sidewalk.

In other news, I’m tempted to activate AdSense, on the off-chance that I earn something if any of you were to actually click any of the ads (repeatedly). One reason that might be helpful is that I’m growing restless for a better camera, with more than the 3.2 megapixels I squeeze out of mine. For example, I recently posted the photo below, which a few people like very much. One of them suggested I print it large, but I think this image, which is already cropped, would be lucky to make it to 8″x10″ (and anyway, I’d have to print an uncropped photo to fit on a standard print size and then crop the print by hand to achieve similar proportions). Point being, take a look. I kind of like it, too.

Chinatown Pedestrians