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We Need More Aerial Gold On This Page

In my constant struggle for content* and my constant struggle against too much content, I present the above photograph. I believe it’s the Columbia River on the Oregon/Washington border (no one posted any signs that I could see). Sunset from about 30,000 feet. I grouped it with a bunch of other aerial and from-above photos on Flickr. See them here.

I am partial to photography taken from a high place. A few people have made cottage industries, of sorts, out of the practice of aerial photography. (As well as an aerial photography agency that I don’t know too much about since its site is mostly in French.) Some favorites of mine include:

Bernhard Edmaier
Yann-Arthus Bertrand
George Steinmetz
Vincent Laforet
Subhankar Banerjee

And some older favorites:

Andre Kertesz
Rene Burri

*I have a backlog of posts-in-progress, but am reluctant to publish them for outside reasons.